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Having lived during my youthful years near the sea in the Republic of South Africa, I was introduced to boats, SCUBA diving and the ocean in general.  My early diving instruction was provided by a friend who also provided the equipment.   This instruction was as follows:Fearless Leader (Click to enlarge)

Don't hold your breath
Don't go down too deep
Don't stay down too long
Don't come up too fast

Uh, O.K., and off I went.  While I was submerged, the only rule I could understand was the "Don't hold your breath" rule.  I had no idea how deep "too deep" was, how long "too long" was, or how fast "too fast" was.

Jane with Grey Angel (click to enlarge)Years later, my wife Jane and I, became certified PADI SCUBA divers.  After that, I continued my diving education to Divemaster and ultimately to Instructor rating.   Today, I do know how deep "too deep" is, how long "too long" is and how fast "too fast" is - and I also still understand the concept behind "Don't hold your breath"!   My PADI Instructor number is 95470.

PADI Instructor Patch (click to enlarge)Much of my diving is conducted off the New Jersey sea shore.  New Jersey is littered with shipwrecks from very old ones to fairly recent ones.  I often dive breathing various mixtures of Nitrox to extend my bottom times, reduce my surface intervals, or both  (Also, I think the big green and yellow bands on the cylinders look cool!)   During the winter months, I spend my time conducting Medic First Aid and O2 Provider classes.  When I can I also travel to warmer destinations - mostly in the Caribbean.  Some day I would like to have the opportunity to dive in the West Indies, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, North Africa and some of the Pacific Islands.


PADI Open Water Diver Instructor Card (click to enlarge)Medic First Aid Instructor Card (click to enlarge)click here to visit PADIPADI Specialty Instructor Card (click to enlarge)DAN Oxygen Provider Instructor Card (click to enlarge)

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