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Welcome to my web.

I have over 30 years experience as a Systems Programmer specializing in mainframe telecommunications networks.  Additionally, I have many years of experience with small and mid-range computer systems.  Before Mac's and PC's existed we called personal computers "Micro's".

Early in my career, an IBM model 360 mainframe with 4K of memory and 3 Meg disk storage was large.   Indeed it was - it occupied an entire room with special cooling and power requirements!  We often called the early computers EAM equipment for Electronic Accounting Machines - I guess we figured they were only good for counting money!  Click here to visit my "EDP Nostalgia" page.

Click on this link to see the history of IBM and the Internet (formerly Arpanet) or click on the IBM/360 computer models image below. Today's personal computers are thousands of times faster with thousands of times more storage capacity, than the early mainframes - we even have high resolution color displays - as opposed to IBM model 026 and 029 keypunches!  Click here for a synopsis of my experience, or click on the "Professional Information" button above.

The IBM 360 revolutionized commercial data processing.  Click here to visit IBM's historical site.

SCUBA diving is my fun job.  The sea has always attracted me and I have been an avid sailor since I was a teenager.   I sail, swim, dive and spend as much time in and under the water as possible.   Friends introduced me to SCUBA diving during the 1970's while I was living in the Republic of South Africa.  I am also a professional SCUBA Instructor.  Click here for information regarding my diving experience, or click on the "SCUBA Diving" button above.

Over time I will be adding and revising the content of my web, so feel free to visit from time to time.  A download area, additional photo albums and a guest book are some of the things I plan to add.

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