Follow the links below to visit some of my favorite sites.  This list includes sites that are relevant to my profession and some that I find generally useful.

Computer Industry Related Links:

IBM System z is IBM's current mainframe processor line.  Running their z/OS operating system, this is an awesome lineup of machines. 

IBM's home page.  Here you can see all of IBM's hardware, software and services offerings.

Allen Systems Group (ASG) is a world class software vendor that produces outstanding enterprise operations and applications management software.  Visit their site if you are interested in their line-up of innovative software solutions.

Computer Associates' IDMS is one of the most capable large platform DBMS's available.  Visit IDMS/SQL News for additional information and resources.

Intel is my choice for my own servers.  I build my servers and workstations around Intel's motherboards, processors and various chipsets.

Tachyon Software makes an HLASM S/390 compliant Assembler that runs under Windows, AIX, Linux and Solaris.  This is a great assembler that is almost identical to IBM's High Level Assembler.  Visit Tachyon Software for a free demo/trial version of this assembler.
Interested in Computer/Information-Age History?  Follow this link to the Computer History Museum.

Miscellaneous Links:

Kathy A. Skolsky is a friend of mine and a realtor here in Media, Pennsylvania.  If you're interested in buying or selling your home and you live in or near our area, give Kathy a call.

The Towne House is a restaurant in Media, Pennsylvania that offers fine dining, caters for weddings and banquets.  We frequent the Towne House for business meetings as well as social gatherings.

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