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This page contains links to various tips, techniques and tricks related to IBM 370/390 Assembler Language.

If you disagree with any of the tips and techniques that are outlined on the following pages. . .you are plain old WRONG (in my not-so-humble opinion)!

General Assembler Language Coding
Let the Assembler work for you
Simple Binary to Displayable Hex Conversion
Simple Displayable Hex to Binary Conversion
Writing Recursive Subroutines
Parameter Parsing the correct way - using TRT (Translate & Test)
Coding and using OS/390 (MVS) DCB's in 31-Bit mode
Mixing 24-Bit and 31-Bit CSECT's in a single load module
Processing the z/OS console STOP or P and MODIFY or F commands
Converting UTC or GMT STCK values to Local Time  NEW!

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